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Hello and welcomeWe will teach you how to shoot like a pro

Shooting range

Our shooting range meets the latest requirements and has been used by elite military forces.


We can help you learn how to shoot using different weapons of all types.


If you prefer rifles and you want to become an experienced hunter, we are here for you.

About us


We are a team of professional, ex-military personnel who have been working for over 20 years to meet all your goals when it comes to using all kinds of weapons. All you need is time and you will learn to shoot and so much more.

Best trainers

What we offer

Pistol trainings
This is the first and the most common offer we have developed for you. Here you will learn how to use pistols and how to get the most accurate shot every single time.
Rifle training
This is more advanced offer we have prepared. You will use various rifles with scopes and without on our shooting range to get the best shoot possible. This is ideal for hunters and people who need to use rifles at some point.
Yes, we also offer sniper training. This is more sophisticated, more advanced and harder. Your mission will be to learn how to shoot moving and stationary objects at great distances, how to learn about the wind and so much more.

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with Best Trainers



‘’The training was epic and probably something I will remember as long as I am alive. Great and thank you so much.’’

John Malic,

‘’I used them for hunting perks and now I am the best among all my friends. Thank you so much and I will probably use your sniper training at near future.’’

Mark Willis,

‘’I have been used all of their trainings and I wish there are more. I am addicted to firearm and I love shooting all day.’’

Bruce Ben.

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